I...... I.....Mature


"I.... I..." I didn't know what to say. Things he offered were things that I desired...... but if I agreed to it didn't he know I wouldn't be under his thumb but be his equal.

Maybe thats what he would like.

I mean if I agree to this..... I can't turn back. The only way out of Astrak marriages is death of one of the pair.

And even though I find Samuel difficult, annoying and challanging. I do love him and I would never hurt him.

Not even if my own life depended on it....... did I just really think that?

I did..... and strangely its true.

I take a deep breath, close my eyes and calm myself down before reopening my eyes.

"I promise you my hand..... in marriage" I say the words without hesitation.

At first Samuel doesn't move but then he jumps to his feet and pulls me into his arms, crushing his lips to mine.

I'm shocked at first but I calm quickly. My arms wrap around his neck and my eyes close.

I soak up his whole essence. His smell, his taste, the feel of his hands and they slide under my shirt.

I pull back gasping for breath and Samuel just begins kissing my neck.

"We.... we should slow down slightly" I choke out. He mumbles something into my neck.

He backs me up to a wall and pulls back only slightly so his face is only an inch from mine.

"You don't know how happy I am right now" he whispers his breath warm on my face.

"I think I can..... your aura's going wild" I whisper. My powers sort of complicated.

Aura in this realm is the basis of all living things and all natural forces.

Okay, so yesterday I stund those guards. That was using there aura to manipulate a small force of electricity through there bodies.

It's quite complicated it took me a while to get the basic's.

Samuel brushes his lips against mine and laughs. I shiver but not from being cold. This whole thing frightens me while being incredibly disierable.

"We'll have the papers ready for tommorow...... Thank you...... I didn't want to rush you into this but...."

"Denna pushed things faster" I say understanding. He sighs and I want to groans. He's teasing me quite a lot. His hands are warm on my hips.... beneath my shirt and his lips are only brushing mine.

I pull him closer and kiss him again. He chuckles. "And you wanted to take it slow" he whispers but he just kisses me again.

Dinner will be awkward later though. Expeccially with Denna and her family at the table.....

How will we tell them?

The End

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