While I was pleased that Rianna was finally excepting the fact she loved me and I loved her I still couldn't help but worry.

The way things were going Rianna would say yes..... so what was Denna's plan?

I turn as Rianna enters the room and can't help but feel happy when I see she has her own meal.

"Finally excepted the food I see" I say. She pouts angrily then places the tray down. She puts the plates out and glasses filling them up with the warm golden liquid.

Its called Tensiona. A special drink that we Astrak's made that is sweet and holds all the nutrients you need. You could live of it if you wanted.... But you would become quite degraded.

It gets too addictive if you drink too much.

I sit down and Rianna sits across digging into her meal.

She must be staving the only time when she eats a full meal is at dinner in the evening anf thats cause we have to dine formally with my mother and her claim Oliver. Sometimes with a few guest.

I know who it will be this time. Denna, her father the Duke of Allizon and maybe her brother..... Don't know his name.

"So.... any thoughts about what I ask?" I say calmly but Rianna reaction is shocking. She freezes then begins to choke. She grabs her drink washing down the food. Then taking deep breath she looks at me.

"I don't know what to do Samuel..... I....." Her voice trails off and her eyes slide to the table and go sad.

I feel a pang of sadness my self.... well more than a pang. If she really said 'no' that would rip me apart.

"You don't have to decide to day but you only have tommorow and the day after..... with me as a free man. If I become engaged to Denna..... I will have to spend most of my time with her. You'll probably just....."

"Become a maid" she hisses finishing my scentence. "She won't want you anywhere near me. I'll probably be moved from my room to the servant quarters"

I wince at that. "I wouldn't allow her to go that far" I mutter.

"But you wouldn't be able to stop her" she says sternly.

She's right I wouldn't. I get up and walk round the table to kneel on one knee next to her.

"Rianna.... I promise to never harm you... I promise to gain you all the rights of an Astrak...... For your hand"

She stares at me shocked and I wait for her reply.

The End

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