"Let... Me... Go... You... Boob!" Bee stammers out as I crush her in my arms, making sure she's covered in mud. Her mental hair flying around, it chucks up together and wacks me in the face.

Oh no you didn't. "Hey!" I yell out, releasing her. She trys to escape, I grab her and start to tickle her under her armpits. She swears at me - something about humans I don't get, what's the point with swaring? She wacks me in the gut I double over, she runs to the woods.

"Oi! Bee! Wait!" I (almost) scream, chasing after her. The only indicater of her is her hair waving around in the woods, it flashes in the dense woods.

"Whoa!" She yells, body falls down, her head following her. I stumble to a stop.

"Bee?" My voice wavers, I feel my legs pick up, running after her, "BEE!" I push branches away from my face. My shortish jet black hair brushes past rouge branches. My long limbed body, taking up speed fast.

I approach the area where Bee had fallen. My dark brown eyes widen as I see. Or rather, don't see. She's not there.

"Bee...? Wh-Where are you?" I look around.

"Down here, you tit." Her voice comes from below, I look down again.


"I'm... right... HERE!" She jumps from the side, her face smeared with mud, leaves and twigs in her hair, I jump away, loose my footing and fall down on my arse. She laughs at me, "You bloody narna."

I growl, pushing myself up. "Y' know, it would be so much nicer of you if, I don't know... You helped me to get up."

She laughs. "Nicer? Sure. Gunna happen? Not a chance," she grins mischivously. I roll me eyes.

"C'mon then. We better be getting back."

She nods in response, linking her muddy arm through mine as we walk back into the kingdom.

The End

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