Samuel strokes my hair lightly and I keep my arms tightly around him. My head rests against his chest.

I don't know what to do. Somethings different now. But I don't understand what.

I shift slightly and Samuel moves his arm away slightly as I do before holding me gently once again.

"We should get something to eat" I mutter. I need a reason to move to have space to think clearly.

I try to get up but Samuel holds me tight.

"Samuel, we need to get up otherwise people might get suspisious and I don't want someone coming in here with a 90 centimetre blade just because you're to stupid to let me get up" I moan.

He sighs and relaxes his arms and I get up easily.

"More like a loaded shot gun" he mumbles under his breath. That doesn't make me feel much better.

I straighten out my shirt and pull down the ends of my trousers which have bunched up. Then I slip on my shoes.

I hear Samuel get up behind me and his arms wrap round me from behind my skin tingling where it touches his.

"We could get someone else to fetch it" he whispers into the part of my neck just below my jaw.

My breath comes out in short hollow gasps. I push my self out of his arms.

"Then someone will deffinetly get suspicious" I say. I head out the room closing the door behind me and taking a deep breath.

I look at the guards and blush at a hint of a smile of their lips.

I swallow then almost run down the corridor my cheeks tinged slightly red.

I enter the kitchen and Heather looks up when I approach her.

"It's ready.... You sure you don't want something Rianna? You know I always prepare something since the princes orders" she says placing Samuel's tray on the work surface between us.

"You know what, I'll take it this time" I say hands on hips. Heather nods then puts it on the tray. I pick it up.

"Thanks" I say smiling.

"Your welcome... you seem happy?" she notes her cat green eyes flashing reminding me she's an Astrak.

"Don't I have a right to?" I ask shortly.

"Not at all.... but you just seem happier than I thought you would be..... considering Samuel's situation" Heather says.

"How do you know that?" I ask eyes turning to slits.

"I have my sources.... seems you're the princes only way out. I must be getting back to work" She gets up and begins on her cooking once again.

I turn on my heels and head out of the room. I'd totally forgotten about Denna's little sceme.

What should I do?

Like Samuel said to me earlier, but slightly different, I can't lose him. Not now I've discovered these feelings for him.

The End

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