What shall I do with you?Mature


It was another Astarak with a hood over its head , I couldn't make out the gender, Because the voice sounded quite in between , high , and low.

" Please leave, This in none of your buisness." Jaloth turns with his blade still at my neck. I took the oppertunity to escape. As I got up though the Astraks shadow shuttered , for a moment , Like Kathy does when before she needs to stop being a shadow. Jaloth turns to me angrily but keeps his mouth shut.

" Fine good sir but if you ever have problems with him, just contact me." The Astrack says with what might be Kathy's shadow. 

I was confused by his comment but didn't dare to question him.  I remembered his comment saying I would die if I kill him. So that explains the others deaths.

" What shall I do with you, Jack? I don't want to kill you. Your skills are formidable and valueable, for my future endeavours , but I can't have a claim that tried to kill me not go unpunished. Punishing you though won't get me anywhere that would make things worst. " He thinks of a way to have me suitably punished.

" Or perhaps you drop it. If I repeat my actions you can have me hanged."  I say

" Well that sounds more like a deal. For now it shall do but I need the name who put you to this."

" Fine her name is Kathy." I say simply

" I need an ability to go with the name. This is seriouse Jack if someone is promising you'll gain freedom through killing your claimer. It could possibly be someone who wants to uproot Astrak society becuase several members of the royal family have claims." He points out.

" I don't care your society treats most of us like servants or slaves it derserves to be destroyed." I put that out there stupidly

" Do you think someone who manipulates people to do there bidding and uses others to kill will treat you any different? You really are a fool he or she almost killed you once."

His logic was pretty hard to argue with.

" She can manipulate shadows , and can melt into them." I tell him

" Thank you. Now if you don't mind we are investigating this right now , and if you ever see her agian you make sure to catch her. First stop is the records then see how far this has seeped." He sounded like a sherlocke holmes or some other type of detective.



The End

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