Annansk had left me in the palace kitchen, claiming she had "important business" to attend to, so that's where I stayed. Granted I sat sulking in the corner, pouting like a spoilt teenager. I'd never gotten close to any other Claims and a Claim speaking to an Astrak...almost unheard of. So, when Annansk had stuff to do I just got left somewhere I wouldn't cause trouble, normally the library or the kitchen. I wasn't even sure why we spent so much time at the palace. All we ever seemed to do was walk around keeping out of trouble and gossipping about things we'd overheard. Apparantly we were saving the gossipping about the Prince and his Claim for behind closed doors.

"Singer, if you're not going to help out would you move?" Heather asked with a sigh.

I shook off my pout. "What if Annansk comes back and I'm not here?" I asked, well aware that I sounded like a child.

"Then I'll tell her I sent you out of here. Now, shoo" Heather scolded but didn't mean it.

I stood with what could be called an attempt at a frown and ambled out of the busy kitchen. Now where would I go? I stood procrastinating for a while before finally deciding on the library. I knew most of the scriptures by heart but always ended up in there rereading things. I picked out one of the older scrolls and started reading. And before I knew it, I was asleep.

The End

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