Hear That?Mature


After the Prince and his Claim disappeared into the Prince's room I let out a sigh. I peeled myself away from the wall, as did the being next to me; Singer. In place of my sigh, though, Singer let out a gasp.

"Did you hear that, Annansk?" he asked, honey-like eyes wide and glowing with curiosity.

I nodded. Singer was my Claim though many remarked upon how we were more like siblings. I had rescued Singer when he stumbled across Astrak at the young age of twelve. The boy was now sixteen. And he had matured fabulously under my command, even if he did act like a child at times.

"The Prince and his Claim? Do you think...?" he asked, raising his voice a little.

"Hush hush, Singer. We mustn't wake the sleeping lion" I said, flicking Singer's forehead lightly.

He shook his head of layered hair and tutted. I frowned a little as I saw the remnants of his birthday treat still hiding in his fringe.

"That's the last time I let you dye your hair" I mumbled to myself.

Singer could barely remember anything about himself, you see. Up until a few months after caliming him I'd been calling him Boy because he couldn't remember his own name. That was until I stumbled in on him singing something and, well, the name stuck. Besides, he seemed happy with it. His birthday, being one of the few things he could actually remember, was always more of a special occasion that other Claim's seemed to be. This year I'd let him dye a streak of his ebony fringe a bright red colour, as was his wish, and had thrown some blonde in the back for good measure. The blonde disappeared fairly quickly but the red persisted.

"Aaw, c'mon, Annansk, you love it really" he said, hanging off my arm.

I rolled my eyes with a smile. Singer knew what was coming next. I picked him up and carried him over my shoulder, an easy task really. Singer measured about 5" 6 and always looked a little underweight considering he ate enough for two people. I, on the other hand, easily made seven foot and was never going to be what you'd call skinny.

I could feel Singer playing with my shoulder-length black cherry hair as I carried him and let out another sigh. Prince Samuel to marry his Claim? Well, that would be different.

The End

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