You are an IdiotMature


I meet Jaloth outside the gates of a manor. A sword apears in my hand and his face twist with amusmant. 

" This is new Jack. What are you going to do kill me?" He laughs 

" Well what else would I do?" I reply lunging forwards missing him by inches with the sword.

He does not retalliate as he just jumps back further.

" Coward." I slice upwards as a high density arc of air follows him. I then ignite the pressurized a explosion occurs sending Jaloth to the ground.   He looked at me in fear.

" You idiotdo you even know what happens if you kill me?"

" I gain my own freedom." I say as I step close enough to cut his head off in one blow.

Jaloth rolls backwards away from me then places a hand on the ground while his right arm become a blade. His shapeshifting ability was weak though so his blade was brittle.

I perry the blade then kick him in the chest.

"You don't gain freedom , Jack you die , simple as that." He says then quickly counters by lunging forward and slicing me across the torso. 

I step backwards not in all that much pain but in surprise as my skin begins to change and becomes a heavy metal from the cut.It was covering over half my torso when  I collapsed to the ground not able to support my own wieght.

" You thought I was weak. You thought you would win and gain freedom. You are wrong, and if you think I'll just let you die and get off easily. You are wrong." He hold his arm/ blade to my neck as my skin slowly returns.

" Who fed you this crap? A Astrack , a Human? Who?!" He interrogates me angrily.

" A human, She didn't give me her name." I lie

" Don't make me take you to the justice system. I know your lieing."

" I don't care." I turn my head to see the  first sun rising.

A voice from Jaloth interupts his little interogation.

" Do you need any help, sir?" 


The End

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