A few daysMature


Rianna seems deep in thought when we enter the hall. My mother and Denna's father the Duke of Allizon look up.

My mother nods to the Duke and he leaves with a graceful bow. The doors are closed behind me.

I let go of Rianna's hand and she stands behind me quiet head bowed.

"What is this news I've heard about me marrying Denna?" I ask trying to be polite as possible while its still hard.

My mother sighs. "I could only do my best..... The Duke had some pretty good reasons for the marriage to be arranged"

"Whats happened mother?" I almost demand it.... almost.

"You have 3 days till the marriage is made official. If you can't claim a girls hand before then.... Denna will be you fiancee"

I freeze. How can this be possible?

I look back at Rianna but she doesn't seem to be listening her eyes are glazed over and she looks lost in thought.

"But I don't even like Denna" I say strongly. "If I marry her... How could I produce an heir?"

"I'm sorry Samuel" she says then turns and walks off out a side door her personal bodyguard, a human called Oliver folliwing on her heels.

I turn to Rianna and she finally looks up. "We'll return to our room"

She nods and follows me out the hall. We reach a deserted hallway and I look back at Rianna.

She seems lost. No... in pain.

"Rianna...." She looks up. I look left then right before focusin on her.

I pull her into an alcove that line the hallway and kiss her.

She doesn't respond at first but the slowly returns the kiss. Her hands creep up my shirt before tangling themselves in my hair.

I grip her waist sliding my hands up under her shirt.

She still doesn't pull back. This is new.... I mean real new.

She never allows me to kiss her like this ever. I groan when she forces me back up against a wall.

Then she pulls back for a breath. "I don't want to lose you" I whisper passing a hand through her hair.

She nods. "I know but..... I can't marry you Samuel....... not yet anyway" She whispers the words.

"You don't have to marry me. Just promise me your hand.... and sign a paper. Marriage won't come until I'm King and I'm not expecting that to be anytime soon"

She begins to shake her head but I take it between my hands.

"Give it some thought Rianna" I look around. "Come on"

I almost drag her back to our rooms. As soon as I lock the door I kiss her again and she doesn't once again pull back. But she doesn't let me take anything futher than that...... even though I end up with my top off.

The End

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