I stand head bowed and almost glaring at the floor. I won't glare properly cause that would deffinetly result in something bad.

"Your Highness" Denna says curtsying. Its rare to see Denna at the castle. This makes me worried. What could she possibly be doing here?

It seems Samuel is thinking along the same lines.

"What is it you want Denna?" he asks sternly. I know why hints of anger are in his voice.

Its cause Denna interupting one of my rare moments where I just give in. I felt really embarassed when I found my shirt creased and slighlty moved up from my waist where it normally ends.

"I'm here to see you Samuel.... Well that and my father is dicussing marriage with your mother" she says smiling cheekily.

"What?" Samuel exclaims suddenly. It makes me jump. Then I remember what Denna just said.

Marriage.... Samuel will be marrying her..... No...... But why do I care? I don't love him not properly..... Or do I?

I feel like crying, the pain is so overwelming.

"Wouldn't you like that Samuel.... You and me" Denna says stepping closer and pasting a hand along his cheek.

I clench my teeth and my hands become tight fists. Samuel grabs her wrists and moves her back.

"Excuse me" he says his voice strained. "Rianna"

He walks off. I've never seen him this angry. I nod politely to Denna then run after him.

His footsteps are quick and rushed. He's angry.

"You should calm down" I mutter. He stops and looks at me. At first I'm slightly scared there so angry, then slowly they calm.

"You're right.... lets find my mother" he takes my hand and pulls my along down the hallway.

I don't bother to take my hand away. It feels nice.

God, please say I didn't just think that. I can't love him.... I just can't. We're a different species.... we're not compatible.

But why do I feel such a strong protection of him? Why does he seem to linger in myu thoughts, my dreams?

I shiver. What are these feelings trying to show me?

The End

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