The TimeMature


After breakfast I get dressed and Rianna keeps her back to me the whole time. Its not like I'm ugly but she just finds it embrassing and weird to watch me while I dress.

I don't think its strange, its not like she would see much.

"Come on" I say walking up to her. She nods and walks a step behind me as I walk down the halls.

"You're awfully quiet now" I remark. She stays silent and doesn't look at me. She always tries her best not to.

I stop as does she. I walk towards her and she backs up till we're in the small alcove set in the wall of this hallway.

The hallway is empty and I hear Rianna's heart pounding in her chest.

I tilt my head then place a hand on her cheek rubbing it with my thumb.

"Time always seems to stop at these moments" I whisper. She just looks straight at me. Her blue/gray eyes more questioning than scared.

I smile then step back heading down the hall again. I hear her let go of the breath she was holding then race after me down the hallway.

She follows me all the way to the training grounds. I pick up a sword and watch as she does.

"Ready then?" I ask.

"Of course" she says as we step onto the practice square. She swings the sowrd which I knock aside easily.

"Come on, you'll never get better at this rate" I say teasing her. She swings again leaving a mere second between her next swing. I have to jump back for that one.

"Very good.... Armor on now" I say smiling. We put of the thin layered but strong armor that covers every inch of your body, except for you face.

"Come on then Rianna" I say smiling. She swings down and the swords clash above over heads. I stare down at her. There's not much space between us and I get rid of it by leaning down quickly and kissing her.

I drop my sword forcing her to do the same and pull her to my body by her hips. She doesn't move her arms at all at first but then sub conciously they wrap arounf my neck.

I groan when she kisses me back passionately. These moments of rare. When she's to tired or confused to fight against it.

Moments that like I said seem to stop.

"Samuel" I pull back and look back to see Denna walking into the fightign grounds. Curse her.

Rianna moves back and makes her self slightly more.... presentable cosidering her top is creased slightly.

What does Denna want now? If its something stupid I really will consider throwing her out.... head first.

The End

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