"Morning" I say happily coming into the kitchen.

"Morning Rianna"

"Morning Rianna"

Humans say it to me as I pass them working at the hard low surfaces preparing the castles breakfast.

"Hi Heather" I say walking up to the head kitcheness the Astrak beings who has claimed the five humans who work in her.

"Ah, Morning Rianna. You here for his highnesses breakfast" she asks.

She turns to a selecetion of trays and picks up and polished silver one. She hands it to me and I bare under the medium wait of the dish.

"Thanks" I mutter. I turn round and walk out the kitchen. I go upstairs and enter Samuel's room. He's still asleep in bed but a table has been pulled out from the side. I place the tray down and remove the lid.

I make sure its all set up and right. I hear ruffling from the bed and look up to see Samuel rising.

I know I should be use to it by now but my breath catches in my throat at his bare chest.

He stretches then walks over. I move round the table to the other end where I sit down.

He watches me calmly then shakes his head before sitting down.

He takes the plate of toast of his tray and slides it over. "I've told you that you're welcome to have your own breakfast" he says. "And I also offered you not having to fetch it.... Why do you always deny what I offer you?"

I hate it when he's like this all proper prince like that I don't know how to respond.

"I don't want anything from you" I say but I take the toast and bite into the first slice. He sighs and begins on his own.

"Its going to be a long day" he mutters.

The End

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