" They're dead Jack. They did not suceed leaving they're claimers."  Kathy tells me as she melts froms the peculiar shadow. Her waist long brown hair and her blue eyes that seems to control my every action. 

" Thats interesting Kathy. Why is that your the only one who has ever succeeded leaving their master?" I ask susipicously

" There is more to it than beating them to a pulp, Jack." She winks at me. 

I looked down nervously still not sure what she means by that.

" Come on Jack let see how much farther your Abilities have grown!" She says melting into the shadows.

" Fine." 

I ran forwards as sword forms in my hand. I swing it downwards and the wall is perfectly sliced through to the other side.She apears on top of the building.

" Faster creation this time , and the material to make the sword weakened the wall.Allowing you to increase the air pressure around the sword to slice through the building, without to much resistance from the wall. Basically your manipulating multiple things at once has increased.  Don't let that make you feel invincible becuase you can only do that so much before your too tired to move." She breaks down my ability.

" Yes we both know this. Now whats the plan?" I get to the point.

" Well your claimer is going to be heading to his newly made Manor tonight. Right?"

" Yeah." I reply allowing the sword to return to its natural form which is a concrete.

" When you meet him outside the gate will be the best time to challenge him to a fight of freedom. It would be preferable if you don't die or lose. Your skills are going to be needed in the next step of my plan to gain freedom for humans in this world." she says.

" Okay then sounds good enough for me.  Jaloth will lose his ability isn't developed for fighting. I'm not sure if I could kill him though." I mutter to my self turing quickly around.

I buttoned up my black  coat that was dirty from the hard labour I had been doing for Jaloth. I had become or very good human for him while I trained with Kathy and few others to take me liberation and set myself free. Now is the time to liberate myself, lets hope I don't kill myself in the process.



The End

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