"Bee! Hey, Bee!" He huffs behind me taking an age to catch up, I smile to myself. "BEE! Please, wait!" I slow down a little bit, my black Coverses seep into thick mud. I tusk. "WHOA!" I whirl around, mud splatters up my shins.

I feel my pearly teeth grind together as I look at them, my mood lightens as I look up, I let out barks of laughter. I kind of squat down, clutching my torso, tears leak from my eyes. My best friend and 'owner' Flint lays in the ground, half submerged in the sloppy mud.

"Y' know, you have to be the worst gymnast in the entire universe," I exclaim.

"Yeah, 'cause you know anything about the universe." He grunts, putting his hand into the mud, his eyes widen as the mud devours his right arm. I laugh more.

He pulls out his now lumpy, sloppy arm out of the ground. I take a deep breath and straighten myself out. I reach out my right arm to help him up, I quickly change my mind and try the other hand, that's also covered in the lumpy mud. I recoil my hand, smiling slightly, I lick my lips and totter around him.

I kind of do a little dance deciding how to get him up without being encased in mud too. He slaps his hands in the mud sending little pelets up to my face, Thanks.

"Oh, shut up." He snaps, "Will you just hurry up and help me out?!"

"Help me out, what now?" I hold my hands on my waist. Luckly for me, he's too nice to use his owership powers on me.

"Bridhid Morgan-"

"Oooh, full name." I mock, he growls, I laugh.

A faint pinkish tinge shines up beneigh his light brown skin. "Bee, could you just help me out, per-lease?" He cocks his head to the side, I grin slightly bemused.

I totter back around him, put my arms under his armpits - thankfully he doesn't sweat much - and heave him up. All of his clothes are now covered in brown mud. I bite my bottom lip and hide behind my mad red hair, trying to stop him from seeing me laugh.

Does it work? No. No, it does not.

He grins down at me, his pearly whites gleaming throgh. "Wanna hug, Bee?"

My head shoots up, my hair fleeing from my face, framing my pale face. "NO."

He leans in, "Yes," he nods. He picks me up his long arms wrapping around me, crushing my arms.

"Need... to... breath!" I splutter out. He laughs, hugging me tighter, making sure that he gets me completely covered in mud. "I hate you." I mutter, he laughs.

The End

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