Always confusionMature


That question, was such a joke. Why do I hate you? Oh yeah. Cause you claimed me, constantly flirt with me making me confused by my own feelings and never stop following me.

I know it should be the other way around me following him cause I am his claim but I refuse to co-operate easily.

We arrive back at the castle where the guards let us past with a brief nod of there heads and a mumbled 'your highness' to Samuel.

He walks quickly at my side. I know theres no point trying to excape now he's found me.

Insted I head for my room which, unfortunatly, leads of his. It has to since I'm his....

Oh what the heck do I really have to say it again. Claim this, claim that.

Its fucking inritating..... excuse my bad language.

He follows me to my room standing in the doorway. I turn and scowl.

"Do you mind" I hiss.

"Not at all" he says smiling cheekily but turning around. I turn my back to him and change into my pjarmas. There just loose brown outfit, baggy trousers and long sleeved loose top.

I feel Samuel's arms wrap around me just as I finish changing and freeze.

"Why do you always go tence?" he whispers.

"Cause this is not what I want" I whisper gripping him arms as he kisses my neck.

"Isn't it because you seem more dazed then angry or frightened" he whispers now against my jaw bone.

He spins me round and continue again from my jaw.

"Let go" I whisper. My mind is tumbling with thoughts.

Stop him.... No it feels nice..... You don't want this...... But I actually do.

I push him away before he reaches my lips this time and he scowls. Like his favorite toy was just take away from him.

Is that all I am to him? A toy to be played and messed with.

"I think you should go" I whisper. He doesn't seem happy about it but turns on his heels and heads towards the door.

At the last second he looks back.

"I've never thought of you as a toy, Rianna. Shocking you'd think like that" Then he leaves.

Once again leaving me bewildered and confused about what I really feel.

The End

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