I find Rianna where I thought I would. At Jon's place with her friend, Dusk.

"Hey" I say to Dusk as I enter the room and lean against the door frame. Rianna looks away and tries to ingnore me.

Why does she try and hide her feeling deep inside her? I look at Dusk who looks at Rianna sadly before glaring at me.

Ah, she must have finished telling Dusk what I 'did wrong'. I don't do anything wrong.

Flirting isn't a bad thing, its an expression of feelings. I find myself looking at Rianna and frowning but she's not giving me one glance.

"You shouldn't run off like that.... the guards said you stund them" I say calmly.

"Yeah, well I do have some free will left. You don't control my every-" she cuts herself off short realising her mistake at the end. Dusk winces at it.

I can control her every movement, thought or otherwise. She knows that. The royal family line has history of psychic powers mine being mind control. I could, if I wanted, control her any time I want..... but I don't.

"We should be getting back" I say looking at the window behind Dusk the light is fading. "The first suns set it won't be soon till the second has"

Rianna glares at me then turns to Dusk who just nods.

"He's right, I don't think Jon will find it good you here. I'm sorry" Dusk says apoligetically. They both glare at me.

Then Rianna gets up angrily. "I'll see you some other time Dusk"

"Yeah, sure" she glares at me. Rianna nods then rushes out the room right by me.

"Don't you dare mess with her..... your highness" she spits the last word. Only a few people I allow to call me by name. My family, Denna (Well actually she would call me it any way, what is up with that girl doesn't she see I don't like her. Never had) and Rianna.

Sweet Rianna. I nod then leave the room catching up to Rianna easily. Her pace is quick but I easily walk at that pace. I mean I can go alot faster.

"Why do you hate me so?"

The End

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