I walk off in a huff after Samuel has left.  I don't understand why things are so different, he used to like me...a lot.  It's all because of that girl.  I sneer at the thought of her perfect human features and dark hair.

I guess the fact we were so different annoyed me.  Her hair was short, jet black and straight while mine was long, silver and curly, her eyes were a sort of light grey and mine were almost black.  My pointed ears seemed harsh next to her rounded ones.  She was a human and I was an Astrak.  The only thing the same about us was our age, both 16.

I went to my room I didn't know where else to go.  The walls were a dark purple colour, almost black, and covered with posters and pictures.  My guitar was propped against the wall and I tried to miss it as I collapsed on my bed, my head sinking into the pillow, and I groaned.

'Bad day?'  It was Damari, my older and wiser brother.

'I just saw Sam.'  I rolled over so he could sit on the edge of my bed.

'Tell me about it.'  He adopted his listening position, legs crossed and eyes fixed intently on my face.  I sat up so I could look at him.

'OK then, so you know he has this new girl, Rianna.'  He nodded slightly but I didn't let it interupt my flow.  'Well, ever since she arrived he's been ignoring me.  You know how close we were, it was almost certain he would marry me and I would be the next Queen of the Astrak.  But now she's spoiling everything.'  I threw myself back down onto my pillows, wanting them to swallow me whole.

It had been my dream from a young age that I would marry Sam and become a queen and it had been approved by both our families.  The deal was as good as done!  Sam had never said he had wanted to marry me but he had always been friendly and love didn't come into it, it was going to be a royal wedding.  I wasn't going to let a stranger talke that away from me.

'Well then my dear little sister, we'll just have to find a way to show him that you are the right choice.'  He smiled.  He was thinking up a plan.  I loved it when he had a plan, they were always so fun.

'What did you have in mind?'  My signature smile spread across my face.

The End

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