Be quite!Mature


" Be quite!"  I get smacked on to the ground by Jaloth my claimer.

I wasn't sure if I was a slave or a friend to Jaloth but I didn't like it either way. 

" Yes sir." I obey standing back up.

I derufflify my thick blond hair that seems to a way a ton when its grown out like it is. I like to have it shoot off to the left of my forhead. I keep my dark brown eyes focussed on the ground as if I didn't have the right too look at Jaloth's rich friends. Well apparently they where highly important in Astrak hierarchy. My face is rather proud and prominent it almost was like it was sculped to defy. Well thats what Jaloth says.

" Run off Jack your presence isn't needed , but be back before we leave." I'm ordered. Jaloth stood a good two feet taller than me making me look short but i'm an average human 5 10 hieght.

" yes sir."  I say turning around heading back to town.

Once I get there I climb abandonned alley way walls to the rooves.  With my well fit body it doesn't take long. I pull out a small carving knife.

" Where is the others?" I say looking at a perculiar shadow who I know is one of my colleauges.

The End

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