I felt hurt. Why did she always run away she clearly loved me slightly even if it wasn't the love I felt for her.

I mean I admit to the odd tease but she looks so breath taking when shes angry or determind.

I looked up at the bleached purple sky with two suns. Astrak was beuatiful, a home like no other. The realm was hidden in the fabric's of space and time in the universe.

A few access points being on earth. But none of us Astrak people complained. We like the way they came to our realm.

We would usually claim most of them. Cause when they came their psychic abilities they possesed deep in there bodies were enhanced, bringing them to surface.

It was rare to find a human without one. And when we did they.... were killed.

I'm not prowd of it. We just can't think of anything else. Let them live and return to earth and we will be exposed. Never mind sending the human crazy.

I sigh and look around. The bricks are stone and ruff. The buildings built amazingly but in the centre of the city the houses were barely apart and with a garden.

I headed across the plaza. A few people whispered and some pointed but I didn't really pay attention.

Okay, I'll spit it out. I'm the heir to Astrak. There now I won't have to worry about it for the next half hour.

But the attention doesn't go away. A girl, who I know real well, walks up to me.

"Hi, Samuel" she says twirling her curls around her finger.

"Hello, Denna" I say shortly. She's an Astrak Person like me. There's not much different about us from human's except for our sharp pointed ears and vast knowledge about the universe.

"Are you free this afternoon?" she asks flirting clearly.

"No and I thought I told you before I'm not interested" I say sternly.

She pouts and steps closer but I keep a distance between us. "I'm hoping that will change one day. You and Me would make a great couple Sam and your mother would approve" she says.

She's right mother would approve. But she also approves of Rianna, if only I can deal with the fact she's scared to like me cause of what I am and what my people have done.

"I must be going" I say then walk round Denna leaving her silently angry. But I don't care. I need to find Rianna.

I suppose she might be with that friend of hers. Damn her if I've lost her again.

The End

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