The Realm of AstrakMature

The realm of Astrak is not somewhere you want to get stuck or find.
Expeccially if your human. The only way you'll survive is if one of the Astrak people claim you.
And they only claim those with psychic gifts.


Pictures on the wall. Paper on the floor. Book shelves packed to the brim with many subjects and knowledge between there pages.

One pulls in shelf of the shelf and float down to me at the table. Its a large oak table with many books stacked on it. Ink stains splattered across its surface. Paper scattered every where. Ink pots empty, some smashed. Quills broken or very worn down.

I sigh and scan the pages of the book. My thin delicate fingers traveling across the page.

'The codex of manra is not touchable yet deseives its victims in many ways'.

I copy down the script. Writing little notes around it underlining words, circling them.

These notes are vital, I must learn all what I can. Study and work hard to remember each verse of each volume, each book.

I curse as some ink splatter the page. I drop the quill and push my hands back through my short cut black hair that stops below the jaw. I lean forward on the table on my elbows face buried in my hands.

"You should take a break" I look up and glare at Samuel leaning carelessly against a bookshelf.

He pushes himself of it straighting up. He's very tall and I come at about a head below him.

He trains his golden eyes on my ocean blue/gray ones.

"I'll decid when I take a break thank you" I say sternly. He shakes his head smiling, his black short cut hair ruffling up.

"Always so persistant. When will you finally learn to chill once in a while" he says. I stand up and walk off out the room. I'm about to open the door when he catches my wrist.

He spins me round then pulls me to him. His breath is warm on my face. I notice the lights have gone out.

"Turn the lights back on" I demand. He chuckles.

"You're so adorable when you act like this" he whispers and I feel his lips against my throat travelling up.

"Let go" I only just manage to get it out.

"Why should I Rianna? If it wasn't for me you'd be dead, thats the risk you took coming here. I own you body..." he trails a hand up my leg to my hip. "... and soul"

I gasp as he kisses my cheek and moved ever closer to my mouth.

"I thank you for that... but..... I do not like you doing this" I whisper.

He chuckles, knowing full well I'm lying. "You're a terrible lier Rianna. I can feel and hear your heart pounding" he whispers finally against my lips.

I can't help but catch my breath as he kisses me. I feel his hands tighten at my waist and pull me close to his body.

No.... No! This isn't right. I can't even though I want to.

I push against his chest and we stumble apart, something yanking in my chest.

"Anything you ask I will do. But I will never be yours" I say sternly. Then without hesitation I run out of the room.

The End

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