Meeting The Raven Girl

I have always loved the idea of sharing the secrets that spread around my school, but it's hard to do with an army of girls watching my every move. This time though, they cant find me.

Hello readers! Welcome to my abode. Who's the raven girl? Well that's me. Living in a town where no ones secrets stay quiet for long, I figured the most appropriate way to keep this under wraps, was to go by a different name. So you found me, and with it my blog. Here you'll find a little insight on who I am as a person on my own, and in the dingy hallways of Bowmanville high. You cant know my name, but soon we'll be best friends. For privacy purposes, all names used on this site will be fictional, but the stories are true. Take my word on it, you'll find yourself here soon enough.


-The Raven Girl












The End

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