The Thing in the Hawk's Claws

"Figures," thought [redacted] as it hung like a limp rabbit, gripped in the hawk's vice-like talons. "Guess I'll ride it out."

[redacted] knew that it had no time to be messing around in the claws of a hawk. It had an important mission, to [redacted redacted redacted]. But there were times when even a [redacted] such as [redacted] has little to no control over its immediate fate. Sometimes it was best for a [redacted] to wait it out and see where life takes it.

As the hawk neared its nest at the side of the cliff, [redacted] suddenly [redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted], surprising the hawk so much that it opened its talons and dropped the [redacted] down the cliff's edge.

"This again," [redacted] thought wryly. It was just like the time when [redacted] saw the [redacted] and [redacted redacted redacted redacted] until [redacted] could no longer [redacted redacted redacted] and [redacted] everything flying all over the place. That time, it had gotten so bad that even the [redacted redacted redacted] had to show up and [redacted redacted] every [redacted] in the [redacted redacted] just so [redacted redacted redacted redacted] could [redacted] before the [redacted] in the [redacted] had a chance to put itself back together.

[redacted] always thought that was a bit overkill, but as they say, you can't make a [redacted] without breaking a few [redacted].

The End

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