Chatty Chad

Only, the engine didn't start.

"Are you kidding me brah? We're never going to see what that thing was. Like ever. We're going to live our whole lives, end up on our death beds, and they'll ask us what we regret, and we'll reply, 'Well, there was this eagle, and it was like clasping something-"

"That's enough." I cut the chatterbox off, looking around for options, all the while, the hawk growing smaller and smaller.

That's when I spotted the pink moped, parked on the curb, keys still in the machine.

"How do you feel about pink?" I asked, already opening my door.

"Well, I mean I'm open-minded as the next guy, but don't you think it's a little too 'mainstream'? Seriously, its one of those colors pushed on us since we were kids, and-"

"Just get on, already?" I called, already positioned and ready.

"Woah, I didn't know you rolled that way." Chad stated, but hopped on anyway and before he could say another word, we were down the street, hawk slowly growing in our sights.

The End

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