Suddenly, SWOOSH!

A massive hawk swept in front of me and snatched it in his talons. "Caww!" it cried out as it flew off parallel to the road.

"Shoot!" I jumped back in surprise. I rushed back in to my car and shifted in to drive, ready to chase the hawk, and whatever the thing was. I had nothing better to do that day anyways. The only reason I was out was to pick up some eggs and milk. I hit the gas pedal hard and my tires screeched for a second before I sped away after the hawk. I was determined to find out what that thing was; I had never seen it before.

The city was just two and a half miles in front of me, but before I could even drive for one block, the hawk shook back and forth in the sky, struggling to stay in the air. Then a very strange thing happened.

"You gotta be kidding me," ....

The End

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