Pig: Kidnapped

I'm pretty sure I'm lost. There are trees everywhere, and it will be dark soon. My little legs are so tired, I just want to curl up under a tree and sleep.

I haven't seen any of my competitors since the crazy rabbit ran into me and then hopped into the distance, but I'm sure everyone has passed me by now and I can't let them get too far ahead. Then again, going in circles is not going to help me win.  

I wish I could climb a tree to look for landmarks or something...

Then I hear footsteps.

What a relief! Perhaps it is the sheep or the rooster, and I can follow them out of these woods. I trot towards the sound. But it's not an animal, it's a human. With a wooden box.

I squeal and turn to run, but I'm so exhausted. Before I know it, I am sealed up in the crate, riding on the back of an old noisy truck.

Guess this is the end of the pig, I think, bitterly.

The End

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