Dog: Mountians!

The horse moved behind me and the dragon was in fourth.  The tiger cub was ahead then I realized this land running the potential posistion would end up, Dragon, horse , hare the tiger and I would be nearly equal match. I was second which is a good posistion bue eventually The cat will tire, I will tire and the horse , and the dragon are accustomed for long distance travel.  I then looked at the train we will eventually run into the mountians. Ohh fun the cat and I will be good the dragon will probalby fly over, and the horse will be left in the dust.  Going around the mountian would be a huge waste of time. 

It was getting darker I wouldn't risk sleeping tonight the other animals where to close and cheating was going  to be a proirity of for some.  With another burst of energy I edge closer to the cat who see me darting forwards. She begins to pick up  the pace.  I slow down to reserve my energy for the long hall up the mountians. It was mean to make one use up more energy but it was not really cheating.   As the sun began to hide under the massive ridges of the mountian we begin to to treck up. I lose sight of the horse the dragon begins to ascend upwards, the monkey began to use the trees to gain the pace, as the cat and I hopped though the rocks , and trees.  When we neared the top avalacnces became a major danger.

The End

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