Sheep: baa-rilliant.

Wool is like a sponge in a river. I could feel the water soaking into my coat which was wearing down. It only I had been shawn before the race! When I'm shawn I am like greased lightning. Like a bullet. Really, really fast, basically. But with this great lot, I'm more...sheep speed.

I think it is a little bit unfair that we have to compete with all the other animals? I mean, I'm just a sheep, competing against a tiger. Okay, she is a cub and okay, she is actually out of sight now but still. You'd think it would be a little more fair if we had heats? I could easily come top three in a farmyard race or something. That said, Pig is on ahead too. But that can't be fair because Pig has a curly tail which would easily double up as a propellor. Sheep do not have propellers, we just have the wool. Which is cosy and everything. But not fast.

Hey, that's another thing. A rat? The rat ran over everyone last time and won. That was clearly not in the rulebook. I'm  pretty sure that the rules state no cheating. I hope Rat does not cheat because then I will just have to ask for a restart. Which could actually come in handy because then I could get the fluff sorted. am I going to beat a dragon?

The End

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