I saw the Dragon drop the rat right behind me, wicked!! By the way, hi! I'm a brown hare, I'm related to the one from tortoise and the hare. Difference, I don't sleep in the middle of a race.

I was coming up just behind the Ox. I then wondered something. Why am I behind an ox? It's huge! And slow! I'm much faster than any ox! Hopping time!!!!

I hippity hop like I've never hippity hopped before! With all my speed I bounced on top of the ox and dashed passed it. Then I found the one ahead of me was.... a pig. A pig, are you kidding me? I could jump over that in one shot!!

Or... I could, if I didn't crash into the pig's.... unmentionable area. Let's try this one more time! Hippity.......hoppity........ hip hop hip hip hoppity!!!!!

Yay I passed it, though now I think it thinks I'm crazy. Oh well! I'm on my way to win a race because... I like races!! And with my family tree, I pretty much have to win this, so we won't be known as nappers anymore. Hooray!

The End

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