I wait till the main rabble leaves and then set off gracefully into the sky. The humans have fantasised and stretched their image of dragons so much. We're not the huge, scaly, fire-breathing things of human legend. Dragons are more like lizards, about the height of a tall human when stood upright, with delicate bat-like wings. The fire breathing is true to an extent, but we have to eat something flammable- we don't burn our insides, where did you think fire comes from? 

I fly across the river and above the crowd of animals, the wind rushing past my violet scales, it's a nice feeling, almost tickly. I dip down to fly alongside the Horse. I see the rat running away and then the cut on the horses leg. You don't have to be a genius to work it out. That Rat's cheated once already...

I fly ahead and grab the sneaky rat, then fly back and drop him into about eighth place. Serves him right. 

The End

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