Rat: Who let the dogs out? Buddah, Bud-dah-dah...

Buddah's wobbly face appears in the clouds, he had always been fond of makeing an entrance - why should now be any different?

I twich my little black nose, when she - my great-great-great-etc-grandmother first came everyone - even the cub - laughed at her, saying that a little rat couldn't win the race. Boooy, were they wrong, not only did that little girl win, but she didn't even had to swim very much.

Wasn't her fault that the ox was - and probably still is - an idiot.

My little black eyes slide to the side, I squeak out a joyfull laugh as I see the Ox at the other side, obviously having learnt a thing or two from it's grand-daddy.

My little claws reach over the edge of the ledge, if they think that this little rat can't swim the fastest, then prepare to be proved wrong, bub.

I had grown up by the river my entire life, this should be a doddle, I can swim for days on end without feeling the pain. I smirk, my whiskers twitch.

"GO!" Buddah's roar leaps and rebounds around as we slip, slide and splash into the icey water. The dog splashes me in the face, growling. I scowl and swim off, surprising them all with my rat-like agillity.

The End

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