A contest between who can bake the best pumpkin pie. But with words!

Here are the rules:

1. The word cap is around 1500 words. If you absolutely have to, I suppose you can go over by little. But anything longer than 2000 words will be disqualified.

2. This is currently closed so no one can post yet. Once the discussion topic is closed and we have all our members, this will open up and anyone can post their story. You have 2 weeks to write. That is long enough to write a 1500 word short on insane baking.

4. The mature setting has been turned on, but please, refrain from over-excessive cursing and profanity.

5. Ratings have been disabled for reasons I don't feel like saying here. If you wish to know, ask and receive your answer. Instead, when rating, comment it. Also, I might possibly be using a 1 to 10 scale. Maybe.

6. The posting format is as follows:

Name of Character: (No duh)

Brief bio: (Anything important you might want to point out, including unknown history, etc.)

Where from (If from a story, name it here, even if the story isn't on Protagonize. Though make sure to say that. If it's not in anything, ignore this one)

Brief description of world: (Use this to describe where the story takes place, including time, history, etc. if this takes place out of the normal world. Otherwise, ignore this)

Then you can post your story!

The End

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