Victim #49

Jounral #1

     I was walking down the middle of Main Street U.S.A in the city of Protagonize. Great place, you should go there sometime! Someone I really don't know walked up to me and "kissed" my hand. More like biting! I smiled and pulled my hand away.

I later looked at my hand and I was bitten! Ek! I went home as fast as I could, trying not to look freaked out! Do you know how hard that is? Ok, so I go home and my hand started to look infected. Did this guy have a disease? Eeeeewwwww! I disinfected it with soap and more soap and neosporian. Then I wrapped my hand with a bandaged.

Journal #2

The next day the infection spread all along my arm. I went to the docter's, but they wouldn't let me in! Capital D colin.

Journal #3

A week has past and I'm starting to want to taste people. I taste good. Others might too... No! What am I thinking? Eatting people is wrong! Wrong wrong wrong!

Journal #4

I can hardly feel it now. The pain. I think I'm not myself anymore. All I know is that I'm hungry and I'm writing this down so that someone can find the cure and make the future better and make sure no one gets what I have and many other people probably have.

Journal #5

  I bit someone today. I couldn't help myself. I feel awful about it and...and...

The End

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