Victim #47

October, the month of Halloween.

I sat at my worktable, a small candle providing all the illumination I had, until I could replace the burnt out light bulb of my lamp. I stared at the blank piece of paper in front of me, as I had been doing for the past twenty minutes, pen in hand. Trying to be 'fresh' and 'young', my English teacher had given my class an assignment for Halloween, to write an essay about it.

"Halloween, the month when the undead," I abruptly stopped writing, the sentence not quite what I had in mind.

I reached for my correction tape, before realizing that it was empty, a whole new refill used up in twenty minutes. Sighing, I got up and got dressed. With luck, the bookstore would still be open.

Half an hour later, on my way back from the book store with a whole bag full of refills, the strangest thing happened. I saw my friend, Jack, with what looked like steak sauce smeared over his mouth, hands, and clothes.

"Hey, Jack!" I called out to him.

Jack seemed to pause, before suddenly charging at me. Thinking it to be a prank, I stood my ground and mock braced myself. The impact that met me was definitely unexpected. I knew Jack was strong, but his strength tonight seemed supernatural, almost like one of those zombies depicted in horror novels. Dazed, I struggled to get up, only to have Jack fall on me. Taken by surprise, I couldn't defend myself against the bite he targeted at my neck. The searing pain rendered me unconscious.

What a night, I thought to myself, hours later. When I woke up, which was about five minutes later according to my watch, Jack was gone. Luckily, the bite wasn't as bad as the pain I felt made it out to be. I hurried home, wanting to treat the cut as soon as possible. The skin around the bite mark was already starting to turn an unattractive color.

By the time I reached home, I was feeling extremely hungry, which was strange since I had helped myself to a whole chicken for dinner that night. I took out my wallet and counted the money, which was enough for a steak or two.

"Eh, why not," I thought to myself, and took a walk to a nearby steakhouse.

I didn't just stop at one or two steaks though.

The End

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