victim #44

          It was a dark Sunday on Main St. I walked to the coffee shop beneath my apartment, watching people have their brains eaten out just outside the comfort of my stairwell.

          "Mmm, that looks yummy," I whispered to myself.

          The coffee shop was empty, as usual, except for the owner, Mr. Johanson.

           "Mornin' ma'am. Lovely day, isn't it?"

           "Already been drinking, have we Mr. Johanson?" The smell of whiskey consumed the air in the shop, the center being Mr. Johanson. I turned a cough into a laugh, trying to hide my revulsion to the smell. I asked him politely for a coffee and went to sit by the window.

             All the windows had been changed to bulletproof glass. It was the only thing the zombies couldn't get through, at least that's what I'd been told. Sipping my coffee quietly, I watched as blood flowed down the street in the rain that had begun to come down from the dark clouds. Zombies staggered along the sidewalk. It always amazed me how they still used the sidewalks, even though no one drove a car anymore.

             As I watched the mindless Zombies, I saw one stop suddenly. It's rotting head turned slugishly in my direction, it's empty eye sockets staring into my full ones. I shivered and tried to look away, but found I was unable. Awkwardly, the zombie stumbled across the street towards the coffee shop. It's arms hung limply at its sides, swaying with it's jerky steps.

             I stood up from my chair and approached the door to the coffee shop, all the while staring into the empty eyes of the Zombie. When it reached my side of the street, it slammed into the coffee shop window, causing Mr. Johanson to scream, but I did nothing. I reached the door and pulled it open, breathing in my first breath of fresh air since the beginning of the apocalypse. It wasn't long before the Zombie had me in it's decomposed arms and was sucking my brains out. I was surprised to realize that with the brain sucking came an overwhelming sense of pleasure. I gasped and screamed from the pleasure, and once it was over, I longed for that feeling, but only for a moment. Within seconds my mind became blank and I was focused on only one thing:


The End

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