Victim #43

I screamed, fighting them off. How could this happen, to me of all people? I was caught by surprise, that's for sure. My name used to be said in wonder. Francesca Shot, the killer of the un-dead.

Running down the eerily quiet streets, my right hand covered the only bite I received. I realised I couldn't go home, not then, not ever. They would've killed me. I couldn't, wouldn't let that happen, call me selfish if you will. I didn't care. I still don't.

The only thing I needed to worry about was the bite, and the infection that rushed through my bloodstream. Was it true that zombies lost all their intelligence when they turned? Lost their humanness. To the latter, probably yes. I found an empty warehouse, horror movie gold, and tried to make myself comfortable. I didn't work. By then the unimaginable pain of the venom was in my system.

I wouldn't let myself scream, or cry out. Instead, I endured it. Biting onto a cold metal pole when the pain hit. It can in random spurts. Sometimes they came quickly, one after another, they were okay, easier to deal with when it's a constant pain. It was the ones with the long breaks between, the ones where they tricked you into believing there wouldn't be another for ages, and they just attacked. Uncaring.

Tears leaked. I'm not surprised, even in this state. It was bloody painful... 'scuse the unfortunate pun. The zombies caught me by surprise, as I've said. I was with some friends, at a safe house. Ha. Yeah right.

It's easy to say that you didn't stand a chance. That they overpowered you. Some of my friends ran. Leaving the others and me alone, two of them were ripped apart, unable to even turn. The other, Nigel, was bitten by one of the stronger ones several times and turned almost instantly.

Mine took hours. When it finally came I wanted to cry, but my eyes were dry. My skin had holes in where the venom managed to tear through my blood veins and burn my skin. It changed colour into this concrete grey, some of my hair fell out in clumps, leaving random bald patches.

The thing I'm most surprised about though is that my intelligence stayed. I don't know how. Throughout my upbringing, I was told that the zombies are evil, stupid and dumb creatures that only have one function: to kill living creatures. Huh. Well. I guess I do get some satisfaction from killing now, unlike before. When I only kill-...whom am I kidding? I'm a born killer; I was killing zombies long before I was killing humans.

Some zombies aren't smart though. Some are as I have been brought up to believe. Horrible. Stupid. Dumb. Yet brilliant in their own special way. Ha! Did I tell you about the other night when I killed a whole...

The End

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