Victim #42

I shuddered, the bitter autum air snapping at my skin, making my fingers numb even though I jammed them into my pockets.

It was strangely quiet outside....freaky. The windows of the neighborhood were inky black, and nothing moved. Everything seemed to hold its breath. But maybe it was just me "imagining things"--I had always been afraid of the dark.

The streetlamps flickered, threatening to plunge me into the full shadows of night. I quickened my pace, the hair on the back on my neck standing up. Almost home...only a little bit farther.

Relief washed over me as I turned up the walk to my front door; I realized I had been holding my breath all the while and it drained in one big rush. I fumbled for the keys in my pocket, nearly dropping them as I hurried to thrust the right one into place and undo the lock. I mentally scolded myself for being so foolish; what did I think, the boogie man was going to come out and get me? How old was I?

I briskly pushed the door open and slipped inside, instantly greeted by the silent velvet darkness. My fingers crawled across the wall, feeling for the lightswitch. I flicked on the light, calmed by the golden warmth that encompassed me.

Sighing, I tossed my bag into the nearest chair, shuffling to the kitchen as my stomach snarled. I casually found the next lightswitch, making my way over to the refrigerator and shifting through the leftovers.

A throaty rumble made me pause--it wasn't one from my stomach. "Is that you, Mom?" I said, making myself turn around.

My heart stopped; the very blood in my veins ceased to pump. I dropped the container of Chinese food in my hand, staining the vinyl floor with soy sauce.

Before me stood three.....zombies. Three of them--disgusting in their rotten, shriveled up clothes which was their skin. They stared at me with thirsting, burning eyes, teething with hunger. I was dinner.

I couldn't scream, backing up to only smash my back into the refrigerator behind me. They slowly approached, licking their lips and preparing for the attack.

With superhuman speed, the one leapt at me, sinking its yellowed teeth into my neck. I cried out, hot blood dribbling down my neck and pure terror filling me. I struggled, shrieking with agony beneath the gnawing mouth of the first zombie, as the other two decidedly joined in, nibbling and attempting to tear at my limbs. With a free hand, I grasped at a nearby pot and with all my strength tried to smash in the first zombies' head. He tumbled backwards, the others briefly pausing in shock. I kicked the second off my leg, turning my makeshift weapon on the third.

I dodged their grasping hands, arming myself with a dirtied kitchen knife lying in the sink and slashing at them as they made their second approach. They remained unfazed, longing for my flesh, smelling the strong scent of my blood flowing freely. Panting, I lunged at the nearest zombie, stabbing it in the chest. It did not die, stumbling backwards slightly at the impact. It was enough, though, to find an escape path and tear from the kitchen and out from the front door, the two others at my heels.

Running as fast as possible, I jumped over fences, ripped through shrubs, and made my way down different rows going on and on without looking over my shoulder. Finally, my vision began to blur, my head spinning, and limbs growing heavy like lead. I could run no longer; collapsing, going black.


I blinked my eyes open, coming to my feet. My stomach growled, yearning for food. Like a wild beast, I sniffed the air, catching the scent of human bodies....


The End

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