Victim #40

It was a pretty typical October day really. I'd spent it with my boyfriend Matt, just joking and lazing around. In the afternoon we meandered into town, grabbed a movie and wandered back.

Except it wasn't entirely normal. On the way back from town, we take this little track, across a bit of dense woodland, as a shortcut back to Matt's place. It drops down and while we're on there, we're totally hidden. Matt and I were just fooling around, trying to scare one another; Matt grabbing me round the waist from behind to land a kiss on my cheek, making me giggle and grin. All of a sudden, some guy burst out of the trees next to us.

Something wasn't right. He smelled bad. Like an infected cut, or spoiled meat. He was also battered, covered in cuts and blood. His hair was matted and filthy, his clothes ripped to shreds and he was barefoot. It looked like his ear had been torn off and he was missing fingered. Matt and I instinctivly recoiled from him. The movement drew his attention to us. He shuffled towards us slightly. We took a half-step back.

"A-are you alirght?" I asked warily. He looked like he should be dead. The skin, under the filth, looked like there was no blood under it and as though it was slightly too big for the body underneath.

All of a sudden, moving unnatrally fast, the guy launched himself at Matt, sinking his teeth into his arm before either of us could move. Matt yelled in pain, battering at the guy's head with his other fist. I screamed, jumping back in fright. I grabbed a chunky branch and brought it down on the guy's back with all the strength I had. There was a sickening crack as the branch shattered. The guy went limp, his back bent at an awkward angle as he fell.

Matt swore, holding his arm. "What the hell was that?!"

I shook my head, "Are you alright?" I said, going over to look at him.

He nodded, though he looked a little pale.

"Lets get home okay?"

We finally got home, put some antiseptic and a bandage over Matt's arm and carried on with the evening. We soon forgot about the guy in the woods, messing around again. At one point, Matt nipped my shoulder as I lay across his chest, breaking the skin which was unusual.

"Ow. Hungry or something?" I laughed, turning to face him. He still looked pale from earlier.

"Hmm, indeed. And you look good enough to eat." He said, an odd light in his eye.

"Well you've already had a bite, so anything for dinner?" I said, laughing again, though slightly uncomfortable.

At the same time, a thought rose, unbidden in my mind.

Steak. Extra rare. The bloodier the better...

The End

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