Victim 38


My helicopter hovered above the road. Canadian soldiers were in a line, gunshots going of every few seconds. My helicopter touched down and I jumped out. A colonel ran towards me, looked at my rank and yelled "lieutenant! Colonel Drouin sir. Sir, command said that we would be getting reinforcments." I shrugged "sorry colonel, i'm it. Everything else is either being used in evacuating citizens or other ops." The colonel's eyes opened wide and his hand waved me towards the line. As we walked, he exclaimed "I was told that Charlie company was drawing them towards us! Sixty soldiers don't have the potential or ammo to deal with half the population of Toronto! Even with Charlie company, I was depending on more men sir! Not only that, but we have to somehow get civilians through the line while we're pegging the freaks of!" We walked to a jeep. The corporeal laid a map out and yelled "mines are all around us and we've salvaged a daisy cutter from a downed bomber and laiden it with C4. That's about 200 meters out. Hopefully, our fox holes by the road will give us enough cover if we have to detonate it." I nodded as I heard over the gunfire screams.

The corpereal screamed "HAVE THEY BREACHED OUR LINE?!" I patted him on the shoulder and yelled "no, Corporeal. The main waves coming." The ground started to shake and in the distance, tens of thousands of zombies sprinting down the road. I yelled "Corporeal, I am hereby assuming command. Tell your men to deploy mortars and fire a kilometer ahead, there is no way in hell that anyone is still alive in that crowd." The corporeal nodded and yelled. Soldiers set up mortars and started firing as fast as possible. In the distance, blood and body parts showered. I walked to each person in the line and ordered "put your mask on before you swallow any blood!" Soldiers put on cloth facemasks, meant for keeping dust out. I walked back to the corporeal and yelled "in eight minutes, we are blowing that daisy cutter or we aren't going to live through this." The corporeal shook his head "bravo is coming in. I can't detonate now when we're getting reinforcements ridding on the top of the tanks." I nodded.

Six minutes later, tanks and APCs were rolling up to the fenceline, with the soldiers on top clinging to the hatches. Suddenly, they were ten meters away and I could see that they were drooling blood. I raised my rifle and opened fire as they jumped over the barbwire fence. They ran through the line and started wreaking havoc. Soldiers turned to face the threat in their line as the main wave got within 100 meters of the fenceline. The a private ran and jumped on a jeeps 50 cal machine gun. He tore through the zombified soldiers bodyarmour and anihilated half of them. The rest were soon dispatched with bayonets or bullets. I yelled into everyone's radio "they are 60 meters away, switch to underbarrel grenade launchers now!"The twenty two soldiers still alive raised their guns and fired. Two hundred zombies were blown apart, but they still kept coming. I yelled into the com "keep firing!" I ran to the colonel and yelled "detonate that bomb now, or we are all dead!" I looked at his hand to see the detonater. He clicked it and yelled "it isn't working!" I groaned and yelled into my com "everyone, switch to bullets including mortars. I repeat, switch to bullets only!" Gunfire resumed as I screamed into my radio" Bravo 1, I'm jumping on your tank! Carve a path through those zombies on the road until I say stop, not a moment before!" I ran to the tank and jumped on the top, screaming into my com "BRAVO ONE, GO, GO, GO!" I shielded my face as the tank lurched forwards, crushing bodies and spraying blood over the tank. Sickening thuds rocked the tank and small bits of bodies hit me. An impossibly long time passed by until I looked up. The bomb was just a little further, wedged inbetween two cars. Twelve sticks of C4 sat next to it. I could taste blood through my facemask. I yelled into my com "Corporeal, you're in charge now, make me proud! Bravo one, stop the tank and then run!" The tank slowly stopped a meter away from the bomb. I jumped of and rolled onto the bomb. Zombies converged on me as I pressed the sync button on the C4 and on my detonator. I fired my rifle with one hand as they ripped of my helmet and tore into my neck, legs and chest. My left hand kept clicking the detonator. Everything went white as the C4 blew up with the daisy cutter and set of every cars gas tank along the road.

The End

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