Victim 36

It was raining that night. I was watching the water slowly skid down the smooth surface of the window. I reached out and touched it with my hand, and enjoyed the nice cool feeling. I could hear my wife exercising downstairs, probably in front of the TV. I smiled for a moment, and a feeling of complete bliss came over me. Everything was great. There wasn't any kind of stress in my life. Not yet.

I looked out the window, and watched little drops of water drip off of the roof. I loved rain. Suddenly, a banging sound disrupted my thoughts. Frowning I stood up. "Lissa?" I called. No answer. I walked out the door and started down the stairs. "Melissa?" I called again. Still no answer. I looked into the TV room, but she wasn't there. Where was she exercising? was my thought. I walked back upstairs and looked into each room. I found nothing but emptiness in each. I returned to my place by the window and picked up my cell. I dialed Melissa's number, and then looked at the window again. Water was still trickling down.

Abruptly, I heard another banging sound. Though this one sounded closer. Almost as if someone was on the roof. I reached for the window. I hesitated for the moment, but then shook it off. I grabbed a hold of the handle to open the window. I could hear the dial tone on my phone as I twisted the handle. I opened up the window and looked out. Rain wet my face almost instantly, and I blinked repeatedly so I could get a clear look. Nothing. With a sigh, I pulled in my head and closed the window. The call went to voicemail. I sighed another heavy sigh and then tossed my phone onto my bed.

Suddenly, a green-like hand hit the window. I gasped and jumped back. I landed on my back just as the green hand hit the window and shattered it.

I scrambled to my feet, but it was too late. The hand grabbed a hold of my shirt and tossed me out the window. In that instant, I was falling. It was almost in slow motion, and I watched in horror as I got closer and closer to the ground. I winced, bracing for impact. Without warning, something grabbed onto my shirt and stopped me from splattering all over the concrete. It dropped me, and I fell on my face. I pushed myself to my feet and looked up.

There on the wall was a green, human-like creature. It was hideous and disgusting, but I immediately knew what it was. It was a zombie. I never thought that they would ever actually come to my house. My house! I live out in the country for goodness sakes!

I bolted for the front door, the creature shrieked and jumped after me. Barely missing my foot, the claw of the creature scraped the ground, sending up sparks. I dove into the house and started for the stairs. Out of nowhere came another one, which immediately tackled me to the floor. I struggled with it for a moment, until I finally brought up my foot into its head. It fell onto its back, and in a flash I was running again. The same one came back and clawed at my head. I ducked and reached for a lamp. As I soared by it, I was able to get my hands around it. Just before the zombie sank its claws into my shoulder, I brought the lamp back into its head, which sent it sprawling onto the ground. I darted up the stairs, adrenaline pumping through my veins. Then a question presented itself. Where is Melissa?

I spun around and yelled her name. "MELISSA!" Suddenly I heard the window smash behind me. I spun around to see another one. Though this one was different. Almost familiar. Very familiar in fact. Realization then hit me in the face. I crumpled to the ground in shock and shook my head violently. "No! No! It can't be you!" I screamed.

It was. It was Melissa. She smiled at me and reached out for my hand. "It's okay. It's okay," she said calmly. I pulled away my hand from her and kept pushing myself away. She accepted it and stayed where she was. "You don't understand, I'm not much different than I was before."

I gulped and desperately tried not to make any sudden movements. "Melissa, listen to me, you are a zombie. The new DNA is obviously messing with your head."

"No, it's not!" she screamed angrily. "I'm fine! I'm better than I was before! And you will be too when I bite you! Don't fight it!"

I was breathing hard now, sweat covering my face. "Melissa please!" I pleaded with her to the point of tears. "Get control of yourself and see what's happened to you!" Tears were streaming down my cheeks.

"I know what's happened to me," she said, toning down her voice. She lowered her slimy head to the ground and said nothing.

I used this as an opportunity to get to my feet. But just as I began to push myself up, she screamed, "I've outgrown you in strength, and mind!" Her eyes then rolled into the back of her head. I then knew that I had lost her completely.

She lunged at me, claws extended. I dove to the left and barely dodged her. She landed on one hand and spun herself around. I made a run for my room, terror running up and down my spine. I heard her shrieking, and I heard more glass breaking. I knew I didn't have much time left. I reached for the cabinet and threw it open. I grabbed my Glock just as Melissa got a hold of my shoulder. She brought me to the ground and brought back her head, just about to bite me. I shoved the barrel of my Glock into her neck and pulled the trigger. A loud blasting sound shot out, and her head left her body. It fell on the ground just a few feet away from me. Horrified, I threw the headless body to the ground and jumped to my feet.

I shifted my eyes to her head. Melissa's head. It wasn't anything like it used to be. Green replaced the tanned skin that had been there before. Her eyes were maroon, and it looked like one of her ears was falling off.

I wiped a tear away from my eye.

Suddenly, I heard millions of shrieks. I turned my head to the front door to see hundreds of zombies flooding into my room. I reached for my cabinet and grabbed clips. Lots of clips. I tossed them into my pocket and cocked my Glock.

I began firing at them, faster than I had ever fired a gun before. One was on my left so I brought up my leg and sent him onto his back. Out of ammo. I dropped the empty clip into my hand and tossed it into one of the zombies closest to me. I pulled out a new one and slammed it into the Glock. Cocking the gun,  I began to fire once again. The zombies bodies were flying in every direction, yet they never seemed to stop coming.

Out of ammo again. The empty clip slid out of the bottom of the gun, but just before I reached for another one, a hand grabbed a hold of my leg. I looked down to see Melissa, smiling evilly up at me. Then I remembered. Zombies can't die. Melissa clawed into my foot and I shrieked in pain. I fell to the floor and hundreds of zombies cheered as Melissa brought back her head.

I screamed loudly in pain as the teeth dug into my neck. I could feel blood both leaving, and entering me. I knew I was dead, yet...somehow, I felt more alive than I ever had before.

The End

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