Victim 35


"Top story, the live zombies have been destroying everything in their path. It has been said that they are moving in towards the countryside and dales. But of course, anyone who has said that has, unfortunatly, died. In case the rumours are true, we advise you to move out of the county. I repeat: OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you again at 8 o'clock. Goodbye." I switched the news off, and went through to tell my parents about the zombies.

"Hey, mum, dad, the news has just finished and they confirmed the thingy about the zombies." I said smoothly.

"WHAT!! Oh, god,what shall we do?? we need water, food and weapons - all that we can physically carry. Charlie, go down to the garage and see what we've got there. Lucy, you and I will go up to the loft. Hurry up!" My mum cried, pacing the length of the kitchen.

"Woah, mum! Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit? All we have to do is leave the country. That's even what the news reporter advised us to do!" I told her. Suddenly, the door to the garage burst open and dad came running through.

"You know how, 'cause we live out here in the dales, we get everything about two days later?" he said, and I feared the worst."Well, not trying to alarm you or anything, but THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE!" What! oh, dear. This is not going to be pretty. Apparently they've already taken over the village shop and are sprinting through the area with nothing there to stop them.

Right then and there, a zombie emerged from the door, with tons of the surrounding the house. We were doomed. My parents ran for the back door but they'd already smashed through the glass. They were closing in on us... We were the last to go...

My dad screamed. One of them had grabbed him and pulled him away; it half strangled, half tore him to peices. I coudn't  look then, but I could hear them, biting and ripping my fathers skin.I knew I would be next, and all I could do was stand and wait for that tug that would send me to hell. It was worse then I expected - instead of the tug, I felt a sharp pain in my neck, that dug into my windpipe so I couldn't even scream. My mum was screaming my name, but there was nothing I could do.

Next time I opened my eyes, I saw the world in a different light...

The End

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