Victim 34

I've been ill now for going on 14 months, it's getting bloody ridiculous and what's worse, with this new flu epidemic going around, anyone has barely a sniffle and they are suddenly at the top of the list. If been ill for four-teen-bloody-months! FOURTEEN! What the hell does a guy have to do to get fixed nowadays? I could probably just drop down and die in hospital reception and they'd still send me home saying it's IBS and to "try more exercise". Screw their god damn exercise, it's moving that makes it hurt you frickin' morons. Shoving tubes up arse and bombarding me with radiation, taking diets, a plethora of pills, nothing to show for it but wasted time and more pain. Hurray for the marvellous world of medical science we live in.

Yeah, I'm a bit upset. Even more so after I discovered that the diet supplements I started taking were the only thing stopping the pain rather than the pain medication I was given. The only thing those meds did was make me feel like a bloody zombie, but ran I ran out of the supplements, then the pain came back, even when I was on the pain meds. I'd been making myself feel like crap everyday for nothing. Thanks doctors.

Okay, rant over. But seriously, it's bloody ridiculous that I've been in pain for over a year and the government seems to have a major hard-on for getting the slightest cold sorted out. They're rounding people up in the streets, hazmat suits and everything while I'm sat at home, ill for a year and getting a whole load more of nothing. Life sure ain't fair.

On the news, it says they've started burning the bodies of the infected before it spreads. Seriously? Barely a weeks worth of this crap and it's quarantine and burning time? What about me? Warnings to stay inside, avoid the infected, yeah, cause I could get any worse. It's not fair.

I guess it could be worse though. Since I've been off those pills I've felt a whole lot better. Sure, I'm jaded and bitter enough to know that chances are it wont last but I get a kind of spiteful sense of satisfaction knowing everyone else is getting sick while the government pulls out the stops for them while I'm getting better having been left to rot for over a year.

In fact, I feel fantastic, and hungry too. My appetite's been all over the place for a while but recently it's been coming back, especially for meat. I love meat, as blue as you can make it. Wipe it's arse and put it through a warm room, that's the only way to have it.

Now the television is saying it's airborne, that there is no hope. I don't know what they're complaining about, I feel fantastic. Now that I think of it, my wife hasn't come home in a couple of days, how did I miss that? Normally she'd phone if she couldn't make it. Perhaps she's fallen foul of this flu going around? Maybe she's at the hospital? I think I better walk down there and check. They'll probably recognize me and let me in past the quarantine - I didn't think hospitals could have 'regulars' until I got ill.

As I get outside, I see people wandering around, some running, screaming as others walk after them. I wish I could care but after being ill for so long, seeing people whining about this damn flu, running around screaming about it just makes me numb. I've literally begged for help and got nothing, so screw 'em and their screaming lungs. A woman, tears in her eyes, her mascara a Rorschach test on her face begs me for help and I'm so hungry, so annoyed she'd dare to ask me for help, after what I've gone through that I bite her to teach her a lesson.

Yeah, that'll learn her, the silly cow. Selfish, self-entitled whining hypochrondriacs, whining about the flu. I'll give her something to go to the hospital about, though if she has my luck, the worse she is, the more they'll ignore her.

I think I must have accidentally started taking those meds again, I feel weird in the head again. I never cancelled the reminder to take them on my phone, maybe I took some cause I feel like the walking dead. For some reason, that makes me laugh and even after eating that woman's face, I'm still hungry.

Wait, eating her face? That's not normal is it? I'm not sure, these damn meds. I need to get to the hospital, find my wife, get them to finally fix me for a change. Then again, the pain is gone and I feel great, or I would, if it weren't for these stupid meds. So hard to think clearly.

Maybe I'm better now, no thanks to the doctors

The End

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