Victim 33

I slump against the bench and began to sob. He was gone. They were all gone.... my family.... my friends.... Oliver. I cried out clutching my neck as I fell to my knee's once again. I'd be bitten a few hours ago.... but I hadn't given in. I think in some form of adrenaline I had been able to shove Oliver away and run as far as I could. Up until now. The infection was pumping through my veins. It was taking me consuming me.

My thoughts were beginning to turn to nothing but hunger. Why? Why did this happen? Why did it have to take everyone before me? I'd rather I hadn't had to watch them change. Watch everyone rise and begin to stumble towards me. Nothing showing on their face but hunger. Even Oliver.... or was it planned out they had moved apart to let him through. My eyelids were beginning to flutter closed. Suddenly a shadow loomed over me. I was unable to work out who it was but I had a vague idea.

That was the last sight I saw as a human. I woke to be lying on the bench my head in the lap of the one who infected me.... Oliver. Some instinct in me wanted me to cry but I didn't understand it. I tilted my head looking up at Oliver. "I'm hungry" I mumble.

"I know you are, baby" He said smiling. He helped me sit up then we got to our feet. He let an arm wrap round my shoulders and kissed me before we headed in the direction of the smell of life.

"Can I have the first bite?" I ask.

"Yes" Oliver says.

The End

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