Victim 32


" Jordan " I called out into the cold night air, I wandered aimlessly down the street, desperate to find Jordan, We had a argument and i wanted to apologise, Except no one had seen him since last night when we had argued.

" JORDAN" I shout out as loud as I could,  Its pitch black as i turn down another little road, I turn my flash light on illuminating the tiny street, But also making me a target for the zombies that have been roaming the streets since 3 days ago.

But then i hear the sound of irregular footsteps, I look to see Jordan stood at the end of the road, he deathly pale, a mark on his neck....oh crap.

I turn to run, only to find more zombies heading up the street from the otherway, Well i didn't want to die like this, a nice simple death would have been nice, dying in my sleep or something like that, But no i have to die like this. So i do my best to stop this before i do die. I pull the glock from the waistband of my sweats, firing at random zombies, hoping for a gap for escape, But the chances of that are very slim.

Then Chomp, I feel a burning pain around my jugular, I fall to the ground, paralyzed with fear, I look up to Jordan who's chewing on the part of my neck he just chomped, The other zombies get nearer, I just give up, I was never really a fighter. So i let them do what they please, i just kept my eyes closed. 

But now i'm dead, I could be after you or the man down the end of you're street or the women with the child in the pram, So if I were you i would watch you're back....

The End

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