Victim #30



I always had this crazy idea that the zombie apocalypse would come. I trained for it, prepared for it, even had built safe houses in remote places. Now all I had to do was wait for it and keep my fitness up. Then it happened and it came quick friends family nothing could stop, I soon found myself a paranoid man carrying as much weapons and ammunition as the average human can carry, and still be agile. I killed my own when I saw them bit. I became a surviving machine, a heartless machine bent on survival nothing else mattered. When I saw a fellow human in trouble I did what I could to keep them from harm but I always failed. Yes I could have risked my life to save them but that was against the rules I had set.

But today without realization the rules changed. I woke up the sounds groaning and gurgling below me as the smell of the decay of a human corpses fills my nose. I shoot out of bread grabbing the closest weapon to my chest carefully stepping on the creaky wooden floor and unlocking a metal door which looked over a small canopy of bushes and the typical forest floor of British Columbia Canada. The greedy rotting corpses at the base of my safe house pounding on the tree, with all there might. My mind began to panic. how was I going to get out of this one? Breathing slowly and quietly as one full of adrenaline could. I raise the shotgun down on them no that would only attract more. I look up  seeing a broken zip line which I only had discovered yesterday. What horrible timing? I bite my lower lip in fear ,frustration, and serious thought.

Only one idea came I drop my last few grenades on these guys jump onto the ATV only 20 feet away and ride out to my underground hideout just a few kilometres out, but one obstacle remained if zombies had come this far, how many would be between me and my underground hideout? It was better than waiting here till they surrounded me by the dozen. I gear myself up back inside and once ready I implement my plan. The explosions go off sending shrapnel through the wooden floor and nearly falling the tree which supported the tree house. Grabbing the rope swing  quickly I drop a few ammo clips but I can see that is more zombies than I previously thought so I did not dare to go back for them as I run toward the ATV. Frantically keying the vehicle I escape by only mere inches.

The ride was nerve wracking as I drove by more hordes of zombies and my body was shaking uncontrollably. I have been lucky for the longest time but has my luck just ran out? A kilometre passes and things being to look better as the trees begin to open out and not a zombie in sight. I begin to regain my nerve that's until two cliff faces ambush me up ahead narrowing and making me quite vulnerable to zombies. I make preparations by attaching sub machine guns on the sides of the atv which were jerry rigged by some mechanical device i found lying about. I took a deep breath before speeding in. The air becomes very damp as the sun barely peeks over the top of the cliff faces it almost felt like death was breathing down my neck I could not help but shiver and shake in fear.

Up ahead the road turns quite quickly so I slow down for the turn and as I do a jeep pops around the corner at high speed. With the split seconds I had I leap to the right off the atv, closing my eyes and bracing for impact.  The sounds of metal clashing against each other and tires squealing to the stop. Hits my ears as my body slides across the ground giving me quite the road burn despite the leather jacket I worn in preparation.

"My god! are you alright?" I hear a women screams.

"Check him, I don't want to pick up someone else's problem." A male voice says.  I open my eyes, I see a the man training a shotgun on me and a pregnant women holding a rifle in her hands. I pull out two pistols , and point at both of them.

"No I think it should be I, that should do the checking, you two look too good to be true to be still alive judging by your physical fitness." I say in frustration.  Me body aching from my tumble off the ATV.

"That's funny hearing that from you seeing that your nearly got your face stuck on the grill of my car." The man snarls back.

"Shut up both of you. I know its hard for people to trust eachother these days but I assure you we mean no harm." The women jumps in, I begin to lower my weapons, almost in agreement until I hear the most unwelcome sound of groaning.

"Where could that possibly be coming from?" I say in a harsh whisper looking down the road not seeing the familiar look of the walking undead. 

"Look they are crawling on the cliff face with their bare hands." The women shrieks.

I look up training the two pistols up seeing these freak zombies.

"Hybrids?" The man mumbles.

"Doesn't matter now! Does your car work?"

"No! the crash sent the engine out of place. We're doomed."

"Not if I can help it. You use your shotgun to take it out any guys that come in range for it. You your rifle should be good at picking them off the cliff face." I point  at the women," Its lucky I just happen to have a mid-ranged weapon." I say pulling out the P-90. The two take my orders to heart and begin firing off rounds. 

But the three of us new that in this situation chances we're really low we would get out of here alive. These freak zombies began to get closer despite our efforts. Panicked gripped my heart as another clip went empty. That left only one then I will be stuck to a sawed-off shotgun and my pistols which had lost the extra clips to.

"We have to start running right now!" I scream at the other two who also looked scared.," I have an underground hideout which has many exits and is very secure the only thing I need you to di is follow me, and survive. The two nod and follow without hesitation The zombies following. We ran for the next five minutes the underground base just in view our ammo low.  I turn around the hoard only getting larger. I look at the women with the baby it was obvious if the human race was going to survive it was more important for her to live then me.

"Alright do you see that concrete building there there is a trapdoor just beyond that concrete entrance. Here is the keys to it. Once you  get in there lock it!"

They look at me shocked, hell even I looked at myself in shock. They nod understanding what I was about to do. I empty the last clip to the P-90, and look back at the couple another hoard was coming for them. I pick up the pistols shooting vigorously at them till there was nothing left. The man turned around fended them off as the women made it to safety as he was overrun. The zombie went for her next as I fire the sawed-off shotgun getting there attention the hoard pauses momentarily i fire another round just giving the women enough time to get through the trapdoor. I had done everything I could. I  fire my last 10 shot before the two hoards crash around me. Their teeth sinking deep into my skin, my own blood splattering across my face and the ground. I scream until one bites through my neck stopping the screaming instantl, and letting the blood slowly suffocate me while the zombies gorge our my insides. I had broke the rule that had kept me alive for so long.  Look out for number one and only number one, do not help those in a hopeless situation especially if you can save yourself.

The End

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