Victim #28

October 18, 2010 - Early Afternoon

"Brenda. Can we please leave this place?" I begged. Standing at the door way of the old abandened building. I heard some pebbles move in the darkness. Still scared, I poked my head in and "PLEASE, BRENDA! COME OUT OF THERE!" I screamed. So she could hear me. But there's reply back. I brought back my head outside and breathed calmly as I could. Then I saw a board drop in the sunlight. I jumped at the sound. "Brenda please don't try to scare me." I said.

Then after, a body dropped in the sunlight. I froze, at the sight of the clothes. The black tank top , with a red rose stitched on the back. The hair covered the face, but I knew who it was. It was Brenda. I bought her that tank top, a few days ago. It was for her late birthday present, from me. I couldn't take my eyes off of her body. I heard snorling in the shadows. The thoughts that ran through my mind, was the memory of Brenda telling me about this place.

The story behind this place. She told me that this place has a rumer. That rumer was, that a monster lived here. The monster killed anyone that came near the nest it built. Only one person... made it out alive. That person was an old man, he was in his teenhood when he came here with his friends. He went in the building with his friends. They found that there's lots of bones lying around the whole place. His friends didn't make it. He was found tramitized on a street, couple of streets over from where I was.

Here I am, in the sunlight facing the monster lurcking in the shadows in front of me. The old man couldn't or didn't get a good look at the monster. So no one doesn't know what it looks like. Staring at my friend lying on the floor, for the longest time. Her body looked normal, but I couldn't see anything paranormal about it. I heard a raor above me. I looked up in horror. I noticed that I was standing in the same spot for too long.

The sun was already making it's down. The moon was making it way up. I fell on my butt. I have no idea why I was sitting down. I have no idea why I feel like waiting. The moon was high in the sky. The highest it could go. I had my legs tugged close to my body. My arms holding to my knees. Once the moonlight shown on me. I looked at my hands and saw that I had something dark under my nails. The last time I had this was when I was in a fight with... Brenda.

A felt a pain in my neck. I held my hand there to put prussure on it. Then I felt something thick and liquidy. I moved my hand and saw what it was.

Now I remember. I have no clue why, but I suddently fell asleep early in the day. Well I was waiting for Brenda to come back out of the building.

Something or someone bite me. I heard another raor in the night. This time it felt like it was calling for me. So I got up and followed the call.

"There was a murder yesterday at the old abbanden building in East Vancouver a the young lady's body has being found and is being examined. Apparently with the same puncssure wounds as England's new infection. Could it be related with the wounds from England's new infection. Could the infection have spreaded to Canada? The police have found out what the young lady's name. Brenda Williams. Her friend Marlena Frederick hasn't being found yet. Stay tune with Globel News...." 

The End

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