Victim Twenty-Six

October 18th.

I tapped the keyboard, willing any ideas to come to me. I sighed as nothing came and scowled at the screen. I shoved away from the computer and switched it off. I was just getting more frustrated by the second.

I grabbed a jacket and my keys. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. My parents were out so I decided to get some fresh air and pray for inspiration.

I locked up, leaving a note to let my darling Mother know where I was when she got back. Then I began to walk into town.

I sang as I walked. I decided to take the long way around since I wanted to stay out as long as possible.

The street was fairly empty when I passed the alley. I avoided alleyways - you never know what you'll find - but when you see blood what would you do?

Let me tell you this: I never knew what it was I was about to find. If I did then I definitely would not have gone down that alley. How did Romeo put it, though? 'I am fortune's fool'? Sounds about right to me.

I froze when I saw it and sighed again. If someone was hurt I should help them right? So, cautiously, I stepped further into the alley.

I saw someone (really creepy looking, just so you know) standing in the shadows. His eyes met mine and I found I couldn't move.

"Uh, I'm guessing you don't need any help so I'll just scoot now," I said brightly. She smiled at me (not at all a reassuring sight) and pointed to something on the ground. I followed her finger...

And let's just say I'm glad that I've got a strong stomach.

I opened my mouth to shout for help but someone grabbed me from behind and pushed me towards the Thing in the shade. It reached out and snagged me, pulling me close, and spun me around so I could see a regular guy nod to the Thing. It had helpers, so it seemed.

It covered my mouth as It bit deep into my neck. I thrashed and tried to fight but there was no way I could beat this Thing with rotting flesh while it was draining me of blood.

Who knew zombies really existed?

It pulled back, reluctantly, and began to drag me inside. I really saw her face then.

"Oi, Nutbrain, what exactly were you thinking when you bit me?" I whispered to what used to be one of my best friends.

Then darkness smothered me.


When I woke up, I groaned. I'd been put onto a couch and was so, so hungry. I looked at my hands and I think my eyes widened. They were pale and rotting like It's.

I heard a noise and glanced up. I grinned and stood up, eager to get rid of this hunger.

My best friend had brought me my first meal.

Ironic, I thought, I never really liked rare meat before. What a way to get me to eat more food.

At least I still had my dry humour.

The End

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