Victim #22

Me and my friends edged forward almost glued to the television screen. This new zombie game looked amazing. No plot, no goal, no more bored days. Just months of mindless slaughter

The graphics looked so real, like it was real people getting infected by a zombie virus.

"This advert is different from others" my friend noticed "it has news feeds at the bottom and it doesn't seem to be a montage"

"Thats because they want it to look like a news report. Thats the point of the game" I sighed. Sometimes I wonder why I befriend these idiots

I heard a faint splash causing us to quickly look up to see my window splattered in blood. We all stared at the mess not knowing what to do. A women screamed on TV as a zombie devoures her but it sounds like it coming from outside and far too realistic

"The setting looks familiar" I gasped. The zombies appeared to be walking up a road similar to mine. Same houses, same gardens....same place.

We all screamed as my blood-stained window smashes. We walked over slowly and cautiously, the glass crunching slowly under our feet. I bent over and move the glass over the object that smashed my window.

"It's a..." I never got to finish that sentence. I felt the back on my t-shirt being grabbed. The grasper picked me up and launched me out the window. I screamed in horror as a dead face stared down on mine shreiking a bashee's cry.

The teeth sunk into my flesh as this monster fed upon me. I screamed until I felt my vocal chords could do no more...they were dead. Just like me.

The only difference was that I was the living dead

The End

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