Victim #20

As I stepped out of the party with my new friends I immediatly felt something staring at me. My other senses were very strong since my eyes were so weak. I fell to the ground as something black jumped over head. I ran down the street as fast as I could calling for help, hearing the screams behind me.

Unfortuanatly I tripped and fell extremly hard on the ground. My body was wracked with pain as i felt my face hit cement. I rolled over with a moan feeling the warm blood drip slowly down my face.

That's what drew it. My blood. It pounced on my and bit me with a lot of pain. When I awoke an old woman huddled over me apologizing that nothing more could be done. I glanced into the mirror near the bed to see a huge bloodthirsty wolf staring back. I screamed.

The End

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