Victim #19

October 17th, 2010
Toronto Streets
12:09 AM


Strobe lights flashed throughout the crammed room and music played loudly, and like an infectuous disease, people started dancing to it. The large room was normally a spacious one, the ceiling soaring twenty feet hight with doric white columns supporting the weight, but tonight, it seemed different. The constant swaying of the people surrounding me made me remember that there were probably over one-hundred people in just this one room. The party was insane.

As the music pumped louder, I felt the reverberations in the floor under the soles of my feet, as I wove my way through the packed crowd. So many bodies, so much noise. My head spun like I had vertigo or something-- everything began to seem like a vivid dream. It felt real, but I didn't think it was. A faint thrumming became more apparent at the base of my skull, and I realized it was the start of a bad headache.

I had to leave before I had the migrane that I knew was coming.

I almost reached the door when the crowd closed in more thickly, and I was forced to shove my way through it impolitely. The lights thrown across the walls were a thousand colours, and they spun quickly, making my head spin with them. I pushed out the door, and moved into a more roomy place. The room I was in was quiet, there were only a few civilized people speaking normally in here. I rubbed my temples as I walked.

The door leading outside was only a few feet away, and so I walked towards it. When I pushed open the door, cool air rushed into me, and the great outdoor space soothed me. I could still hear the party, but it wasn't as bad. I stepped out into the street and ran across it before the cars came to honk at me. Suddenly, a powerful, pungent odor assaulted me. It smelled like there was something that died, someone had barfed on it, and then maggots had crawled all over it. I shivered, and goosebumps ran up my arms and down my legs.

That was when I heard it.

It was an odd sound, a moan. The mournful sound ran through my head, and I looked around, not finding where it was coming from. I looked down the alleyway where the smell was coming from, and I saw it. There, standing in the alley was a man, and he was bleeding a great deal. I ran over to him. Is he okay? I'll ask him if he needs any help getting to the hospital! I thought.

I raced over to him, and the smell began to get stronger. I didn't realize that he was the source of the horrible smell until I was two feet away from him. What I saw chilled me to the bone, and I broke into a cold sweat. Every part of my body screamed in horror, but I was paralyzed, frozen by the unbearable fear of the sight that stood before me. This was no ordinary man.

The person that stood before me was inhuman. Patches of hair sprouted here and there on his head, his sunken eyes were empty, only milky eyeballs that looked shrivelled occupied them. His ears were deformed and they pressed to the sides of his misshaped head, and several of his teeth were either missing or cut down. His molding skin patches frightened me, and his skeletal figure made me think of horror movies. He moaned loudly, and I regained feeling in my legs.

Bones protruded from his body, sticking out like they were meant to be there. His skin stretched across some bones, seemingly melted. His whole face was like a skeleton with a few human features, but his rotting body betrayed the fact that he was probably once a human. His torn clothing shook in the wind, and he laid a skeletal hand on my shoulder and moaned again. I tried to move, and I moved to fast.

His arm snapped off, the hand still clutching to my bare shoulder.

I screamed, and threw the arm off my shoulder, wishing I hadn't worn a sleeveless shirt. The fingers on the arm trembled, and the arm crawled up the zombie-like man's body, re-attatching itself to his body. I tried to run, but I tripped over a garbage bag. The zombie advanced slowly, moaning loudly as he did. His white eyes rolled as he loomed over me, and I tried to push myself away, but I backed myself into a wall.

The zombie's open mouth brought drool to the corners of it, which landed on the perfect spot-- my face. I wanted to scream. I wanted to run. But I couldn't I kicked the zombie in the gut, but my foot went right through him. I was satisfied with the resounding crunch, but he simply kept going. The undead man leaned over me, his rotting teeth visible. I couldn't move at all as he neared my shoulder.

His mouth hovered over my throat, and he bit down, sinking his rotting teeth into my warm flesh. The blood that ran down his mouth I now realized was not his own. It was someone else's. I'd thought he was bleeding. He wasn't. I was now.

Pain exploded throughout my body, and I closed my eyes, feeling the strange sensation that I was being roasted alive and dipped into a pool of acid. I screamed in pain as the venom raced through my veins, stopping my blood flow. The unbearable pain continued relentlessly until I could open my eyes. He was gone.

I felt something odd, something messed up about my body. I looked down at my corpse-like, skeletal body and a moan escaped from my throat. It felt good, natural... and then I realized what the feeling was. I was hungry.

For human flesh...

The End

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