Victim #18

17 October, 11.38 P.M

I sat hunched over my laptop, as I always did when I couldn't think of interesting ways to begin a chapter. The latest one I was taking part in was an exercise called The Protagonize Zombie Apocalypse. It was interesting, but I had no idea how to start a zombie chapter. My character was supposed to be infected too, can you imagine that?

Just then, there was a knock downstairs. I ignored it, trying to focus on my chapter. The person on the other end of the door didn't appreciate it, and started banging his fists loudly on the door.

"All right, all right, I'm coming!" I yelled, leaving my laptop and running downstairs, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible.

I pulled open the door, to see a man wearing a pizza delivery uniform. His face was pale, his hair messy, with clumps of dirt sticking in it. There was a scratch on his face, and his right sleeve was torn, revealing a rather large scar on his forearm.

"Wrong house," I said to him, "I didn't order any pizza."

The guy wasn't listening, and he just stumbled into the house. How rude. He was moaning a lot, too. Great, a rude delivery boy, and a terrible conversationalist.

He looked at me, then his eyes focused.

"EEERRRRRGGGGGHHHH," he mumbled before sinking his teeth into my right hand.

I cried in pain, but managed to find some words to say.

"THAT'S NOT PIZZA!" I cried, before grabbing a table lamp and smashing the crazy dude over the head with it. The grip his teeth had on my hand loosened, and I pushed him away before picking up a nearby chair and throwing it at him.

He stumbled backwards. I pushed him out of the house, and kicked him out onto the road in front of my house, where he was immediately swept away by a passing truck.

"I'm never buying from Pizza Hut again!" I yelled after psycho as the truck driver started swerving madly at the sight of an insane cannibal on his windscreen.

Meh. Not my problem.

I walked back upstairs, unsteadily. I was feeling a little dizzy.

I looked at my laptop, then looked at my bed, and decided that the bed would be a more comfortable place. I walked over, flopped on the bed, and fell asleep.


That was one crazy dream. I dreamed the pizza guy attacked me. Funny. I should stop eating before bedtime.

I walked over to my mirror. My face was white as a sheet. My eyes were sunken in, with black rings around the edges. The flesh on my face looked like it was about to fall off, and sagged in unnatural areas. Well, no changes, then.

Man, I am starving. Maybe I'll hit the steakhouse down the street. I'm feeling like eating it rare today...

The End

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